Max Planck Institute for Human Development

The Max Planck Institute for Human De­ velopment, which was founded in 1963, is dedicated to the study of human development and educational processes across the lifespan and historical time. Beyond learning in schools and other institutional settings, the Institute’s researchers explore how human development is influenced by physical and cognitive factors, the social setting, the environment, and the zeitgeist. Research teams investigate questions such as “How can we keep mentally fit as we grow older?”, “What effects does the environment have on our brains, behavior, and mental health?”, “How do children learn?”, “How have human emotions been shaped by history and how do they continue to shape history?”, “How can we make good decisions in an increasingly complex world?”, and “What challenges does digitalization pose for society and how can we best respond to those challenges?” Researchers from diverse disciplines—in­ cluding psychology, sociology, history, com­ puter and information science, medicine, mathematics, and economics—work together on interdisciplinary projects. The institute’s four research centers, a Lise Meitner Group, and three Max Planck Re­ search Groups (MPRG) are also involved in numerous national and international collabo­ rative research efforts with universities and nonuniversity research institutions. In addition, International Max Planck Re­ search Schools have been set up to advance the careers of young scientists at the institute and beyond. These graduate schools offer es­ pecially talented young researchers the oppor­ tunity to participate in a structured doctoral program providing excellent research condi­ tions and an intensive, interdisciplinary learn­ ing experience. The institute is one of over 80 research insti­ tutions operated by the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science, an independent, nonprofit research organization. The Max Planck Institutes carry out basic research in the natural sciences, life sciences, and social and human sciences. Max Planck Institute for Human Development